Daily Lunch Special

Author: Taiga Japan House |

Served with Miso soup and green salad

Choice of any two Rolls Avocado Roll, Salmon Roll, Cucumber Roll, Tuna Roll, Asparagus Roll, Yam Tempura Roll, Calamari Roll, Spicy Crab Roll, Tempura Red Snapper Roll 8.99
Choice of any three Rolls Avocado Roll & Cucumber Roll, Pickled Red Raddish Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Butter Fish Roll, Brocolli Tempura Roll, California Roll, Shiitake Roll, Tempura Salmon Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll 11.99

Bento box

Served with Miso soup, green salad, dumpling or spring roll, California roll or avocado and cucumber Roll, Rice and daily fresh fruit

Veggie Box 8.99
Chicken box 9.99
beef/ Salmon Box 10.99

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