Take Out Party Tray

Substitute to Brown Rice add $1/roll/sushi

Take out party tray
(15pcs)Sashimi,(8pcs)sushi,(6pcs)California Roll (6pcs) spicy Salmon Roll Party Tray A(35pcs) $42
(18pcs)Sashimi,(12pcs)Sushi,(6pcs)California Roll,salmon Roll,yam Roll,spicy Red Tuna Roll,(8pcs)Dynamite Roll Party Tray B(62pcs) $71
(33pcs)Sashimi,(24pcs)Sushi,(6pcs) California Roll,Avocado&Cucumber Roll,Yam Roll,Cucumber Roll,Spicy Crab Roll,Red Tuna Roll, ,Spicy Salmon Roll, (8pcs)Spider Roll,Green Dragon Roll,Gold Dragon Roll,Dynamite Roll Party Tray C(131pcs) $142
(15pcs)Sushi,(8pcs)Dynamite Roll,(6pcs)California Roll,Spicy Salmon Roll Party Tray 1(35pcs) $42
(18pcs) Sushi,(6pcs)California Roll,Avocado&Cucumber Roll,Spicy Crab Roll,Yam Roll,Spicy Tuna Roll, (8pcs)Green Dragon Roll Party Tray 2(62pcs) $71
(48pcs)Sushi,(6pcs)California Roll ,Avocado & Cucumber Roll,Yam Roll,Cucumber Roll,Avocado Roll,Spicy Salmon, ,Spicy Crab Roll,Spicy Red Tuna Roll,Shrimp Roll,Salmon Roll,Red Tuna Roll,Salmon Avocado Roll,Mango Roll(8pcs)Dynamite Roll,Gold Dragon Roll ,Green Dragon Roll, Spider Roll,kamikaze Roll Party Tray 3(160pcs) $170
(8pcs)Sushi,(6pcs) Avocado Roll,Cucumber Roll,Yam Roll,Avocado&Cucumber Roll,(8pcs)Vegetable Dragon Roll Vegetable party Tray (40pcs) $46
salmon, red tuna, red snapper, crab, surf clam, octopus, sweet shrimp, egg and scallop Sashimi Party Tray (60pcs) $88
salmon roll, cucumber roll, california roll, spicy crab roll, spicy salmon roll, salmon avocado roll,(8pcs) dynamite roll Roll Party 1 (44pcs) $44
cucumber roll, red tuna roll, yam roll, avocado and cucumber roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy crab roll, spicy tuna roll,California roll, (12pcs),(8pcs) green dragon roll, gold dragon roll and dynamite roll Roll Party 2 (72pcs) $73

Kitchen Party Tray

Tempura shrimp Tray (20pcs) $46
Spring Roll Tray (40pcs) $40
Deep Fried Dumplings (30Pcs) $35
Chicken Skewers (20pcs) $55
Beef Skewers (20pcs) $65
Vegetables Tempura Tray (30pcs) $36
Fried Udon Tray $45(Veggie) / $50 (Chicken) / $55 (Beef)
Fried Rice Tray $45(Veggie) / $50 (Chicken) / $55 (Beef)

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